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Shatter Your Image Anthology: Get Your Copy Here

All proceeds go to the Realize Your Beauty Campaign to promote healthy body image and fight against eating disorders.

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Writer’s Conquest: Get Your Copy Here

Learn marketing tools and tricks for writers and artists.

writers conquest

Penny Dread Vol. 3: Get Your Copy Here

Steampunk short stories compiled into the third volume of this anthology publication.

penny dread

Baker’s Dozen: Get Your Copy Here

Science fiction short stories compiled into an anthology of numerous authors.

bakers dozen

Orion’s Honor: Get Your Copy Here

Historical fiction set on Wake Island in World War II.

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Dragon Writer’s Anthology: Get Your Copy Here

An Anthology exploring the theme of creativity with literal or metaphorical dragons.

Dragon Writers

Undercurrents Anthology: Get Your Copy Here

An anthology exploring the theme of fear with literal or metaphorical sea monsters.